Đội Sinh viên Tình nguyện Thanh Hóa 2009
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Đội Sinh viên Tình nguyện Thanh Hóa 2009

Đội Sinh viên Tình nguyện Thanh Hóa 2009


Chúc các thành viên Bát Mọt luôn Thành côngHạnh phúc!!!

Chúc cả nhà ấm áp yêu thương!!! Tờ sờ...

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Bài ca Tình yêu (English Version)

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1 Bài ca Tình yêu (English Version) on Fri May 07, 2010 11:59 am



Walking alone , waves over my feet
Where everything is so peaceful and bright
Hearing heart beats
Of the sea in the wind blow like thousands of songs, I
Lay by your side, see the waves drifting on shore
Listen to the sweet love song of the sea
Boats were sailing so far away
My love… I’ll love you forever…


I’ll sing till the winter gets warm
Till the sun paints the sky
With a picture of love between us,
With birds singing high

Now we can share our dreams
Your hand by my side
And I’ll be your shoulder, we’ll walk through the road of love.

We\'ll be close like the waves to the sand
I\'ll write a song and ask,the ocean to tell
Together ever we\'ll be and
I write this song of love,for the wind to sing


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